Building a hassle free e-commerce website


March 2022


Competitive Analysis
Usability Testing
Information Architecture


Adobe CS


Mendels is a local art store that offers a wide range of craft and fabric supplies. They've expanded their presence online to connect with a larger community for business and beyond.


  • Users had trouble finding what they need
  • Extra touch points in the checkout process frustrated the users

How might be remodel Mendel's website so that it's easier to navigate and checkout?


  • Simplify navigation to reduce cognitive overload
  • Use familiar e-commerce patterns

Examining the Flow

Where are the users getting stuck?

User flow chart with annotated issues

Key Observations

  • Overwhelming amount of options distracted the users
  • Layout lacked user control and freedom
  • Users weren't clear on what they were selling upon website arrival

Information Architecture

A card-sorting exercise was conducted on 4 users to define the natural groupings of the existing inventory. This organization process helped define the natural groupings and clarified structure of the new site map.

Dead links and unvisited irrelevant categories that reduced credibility were removed in the process.

After analyzing the card sort, I was able to narrow down 17 global navigation items to just 4.


3 out of 3 users found the new website easier to use. Users spend 1/2 time searching for what they need and checking out.

In crafting Mendels online store, I prioritized following familiar e-commerce patterns that users can easily follow for effortless transaction.