Making group gifting easier


April - May 2022


Heuristic analysis
Usability testing
Visual design


Adobe CS


Presently is a digital platform that helps organizers crowdfund a gift for friends, family and colleagues - making quality gifting possible. The site gained attraction during the pandemic when remote work became the norm. Now individuals can effortlessly celebrate with personalized e-cards and easily gather funds for people they cherish.


Users often organize more than one gift at a time but the current platform only allows single gift management. That means that organizer must create separate accounts for each gift initiative. The absence of a unified dashboard for managing multiple gifts creates a cumbersome tracking process, leading to a significant drop-off in user engagement.

  1. Users often abandoned their gift organization
  2. No central platform to keep track of multiple gifts in progress


1. How might we increase retention?

  • Improve overall accessibility and learnability of the product
  • Simplify onboarding questionnaire to improve adoption rate

2. How might we create a platform to oversee multiple gifts?

  • Design a central dashboard to keep track of all their gifts

Examining the Flow

Why do users abandon the onboarding process and where are they getting stuck?

Performing a comprehensive usability audit of the current onboarding process shed direct light on underlying pain points. Usability audit was conducted remotely and targeted to personality types that fit our "Super-Organizer" user persona.

Key Observations

  • Inconsistent design system led to misclicks
  • Default error messages and trivial questions confused the users
  • "Proof-read invitation" feature had significant delays and reduced credibility
  • Leaving the platform and having to parse their email to find their unique ID/password interrupted the flow

For example:
Using the same color for the header, hyperlinks, and informational text confused users and led to accidental clicks.

Formula for Revision

During a heuristic evaluation, some of the key areas were flagged for adjustment

  • Improve color contrast ratio for legibility
  • Align design system with functionality
  • No unnecessary features

Prototype Feedback

After presenting dashboard design variations, previous data unveiled the direction of the next iteration

  • Leave out total goal amount - company data showed that overall contribution decreased when displaying the goal amount
  • Omit contributors list - contributors often use different email accounts so keeping track isn't relevant
  • Avoid new coding challenges to create MVP of the new dashboard

Dashboard Design

Now gift organizers can finally oversee multiple gifts all at once using their new dashboard. Organizers don’t need to leave their tab to find their unique gift ID/password for every gift initiative.


The redesigned flow and dashboard increased retention by 35% while increasing confidence across all users managing their task. I made sure to retain their signature color and feel while giving users a modern, streamlined, and feature-complete experience.

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